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Some of us believe avoidance is the secret to finding bliss (I did once upon a time too). After all, if we act like we don’t care about something, then doesn’t that mean it’s not a big deal and we’ll just forget about it? Maybe you’ve been telling yourself that things will get better on their own. Maybe you wake up each day hoping for the best (but go to bed disappointed again). Maybe you think it will just get better on it’s own. That sounds like an awesome plan, but the truth is that it just doesn’t often work the way we need it to

What that does instead is cause us to be resentful, frustrated, angry, sad, and worried. It can even result in sleep problems (too much or too little), tension headaches, a bad temper, unhappiness in our relationships, and just a general lack of enjoyment in our lives (among other things). Sometimes we just need to deal with those (supposedly) small things we’ve been trying to avoid, even if they seem small and easily forgettable

Here’s a list of some thing that we tend to avoid, but need to deal with:

1. That bad day at work (especially when you have at least one of them a week).

2. The clutter in your home — you think itwill just be gone when you wake up in the morning

3. That fight you had a with a close friend 2 months ago that you can’t stop complaining about (behind her back)

4. The social life that you no longer have since you moved to a new city

5. Your struggles with self-care — it’s really hard for you to schedule those check-ups that you need at the doctor’s office, the waxing appointments that make you feel so good, and the haircut that will transform you into feeling like a million dollars

6. Your out-of-control schedule — you can’t manage your time properly and you’re always on the go with no time to relax

7. Your inability to say no to others — why is it so easy to say yes to everyone else, but so hard to feel good about it when you have no time for yourself (and you never feel like they have your back when you need it)

8. That thing your parents do that drives you nuts — they’ve never changed but you still want them to

9. The frustration you feel when your partner forgets to take out the garbage (or buy the milk or walk the dog or fill in the blank here) over and over again — trying to avoid your feelings about this can damage your relationship for good

10. That mistake you made — you keep telling yourself you’ll get over it but you can’t stop mentally beating yourself up about it

Do you recognize anything you’ve been trying to avoid on this list? I totally get that you’ve felt that it’s easier to avoid it, but it’s time to deal with it so you can move on and get back to the fun parts of life!!! When you tackle these things, you’ll feel more relaxed, you’re relationships will improve, and you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to start this on your own. It can be scary to stop avoiding things when you’re used to it, but there’s no reason for you to do it on your own and that’s where I can help you.

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