Happiness can be a tricky thing sometimes — we get so caught up in trying to find it that we forget to be happy about what we already have in the present.  We’re always waiting to be happy “someday” – you know when we get our next raise, when we find the perfect house, when our partner gets their crap together.  We believe that someday will come so we can finally be happy but it doesn’t happen and that’s because we’re in our heads thinking too much and not actually experiencing life as it is.

I created the list of mantras above to help you experience happiness in the present moment. A mantra is something that you can repeat over and over.  These happiness mantras can be used to get yourself out of your head waiting for “someday” so that you can be happy right now.  You can choose one mantra that feels best for you and repeat it over and over — in your head or out loud.  You can use the same mantra each day if you wish or you can switch and try out a different one. Read them all over and see which you connect with.

When you feel overwhelmed or frustrated, you can repeat your mantra over and over and it should bring you some peace. You can also choose to repeat it or write it down when you wake up or set alarm several times throughout the day so that you don’t forget it.  If you get distracted, don’t worry about it — just bring yourself back to your happiness mantra and you will find that you have an easier time connecting with happy feelings.




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