Our stress levels often increase as we get closer to the end of the year and worry about hitting that holiday slump. We evaluate all that we’ve done throughout the year and unfortunately we freak out about the goals that we haven’t reached yet instead of appreciating how far we’ve come.

It’s easy to become distracted, which leads to more struggling instead of more focusing on our work.

Here are 10 ways to increase your productivity so that you can get your work done more quickly and have more free time to spend the way you want:

1. Do the tasks you like the least first.

By doing the task you like the least first, you get it out of the way and there is less of a chance that you’re going to waste time trying to avoid it.

2. Eliminate your distractions

You know what they are — Facebook, the TV, or maybe even your dirty dishes! You need to minimize or eliminate all of them so that you can get your work done quicker. You’ll have more free time to focus on those things later.

3. Set a timer

It’s good to set a timer and work in small blocks of time so you can stay focused and then give yourself a break (which should also be timed!).

4. When you get a good idea, write it down immediately

It’s so important to write down your brainstorms and good ideas so you don’t have to waste time trying to remember them later on when you need them.

5. Find an accountability partner

An accountability partner can keep you on track to reaching your goals — it’s great to have somebody to check in with and you can also motivate and encourage each other when you get stuck.

6. Set up a rewards system

How are you going to celebrate reaching your goals and staying focused on your work? Make sure you set up a rewards system so that you’re motivated to complete your work. It can be something small like allowing yourself to watch your favorite TV show or even a smoothie at your favorite organic cafe for breakfast the next day.

7. Work on one task at a time

I know how hard this one can be — I’m a bit addicted to multitasking myself, but I have to tell you multitasking affects the quality of your work and it means that you’re not as focused on what you’re doing. Working on only one task at a time means that your work will be higher quality and you won’t have to re-do it.

8. Take consistent breaks

Taking breaks will help you to stay focused on your work during “work time” so that you don’t get unfocused or overtired while you’re completing your work tasks.  

9. Ask for help

If you’re struggling with something, don’t get stuck on it and wear yourself down — ask for help from someone who knows what they’re doing.

10. Get enough sleep

Make sure you don’t stay up too late and that you’re getting enough consistent sleep every night. It will be easier to stay focused on your work when you’re well-rested then if you’re if tired and not able to focus for long periods of time.

Let me know which of these you plan to try first in the comments below!





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