Can I be honest with you about something?

I’m really happy that 2017 is over.

I’ve been trying to sprint into 2018 for awhile now and I’m glad that it’s officially here.

You might feel the same way.

It was a really tough year for so many of us women leaders and entrepreneurs. One of my closest business friends messaged me on January 1 just to say “I’ve never been so glad to say goodbye to a year.”

It was like she read my mind.

Sure I had a lot of great things that happened in 2017 like:

  • I moved into my dream apartment (the one I had journaled about for years!)

  • I paid off another grad school loan early

  • I filled up my savings account 🙂

  • I sold out 2 masterminds

  • I worked with the most amazing clients who had huge growth

  • I had a strong support system who really showed up for me during the times I was scared, stuck, uncertain, freaking out, crying, and miserable (even when I was annoying — they kept showing up for me)

  • And my business grew more than the year before even though I did about about half the work — truthfully I’m embarrassed to admit how few hours I worked every week for a few straight months (I know — I really can’t believe it either but numbers don’t lie)

I’m still not even sure how all of that even happened.

But the truth is that behind the scenes, things didn’t feel the way I wanted them to.

There was no way I could tune out what was going on in both the US and the rest of the world and it was pretty traumatizing for many of us.

I felt like crap reading the news most days + wanted to ignore it all but at the same time I needed to be aware of what was going on.

I wanted to enjoy my success and I wanted to feel energized + motivated for more growth.

But unfortunately most of the year was spent recovering from what was going on + just getting through 1 day at a time.

It feels a bit disappointing but the truth is that deep down I know bigger (AND BETTER) things are headed my way as I continue to lead women entrepreneurs into building bigger business so that they can have a bigger impact on the rest of the world.

I believe in the power of women entrepreneurs to change the world and improve our current situations.

2017 played out the way it did in my business for a reason.

I may not know EXACTLY what that reason is right now (although I do have a pretty good idea), but it doesn’t matter because I’m giving myself permission to keep moving forward + growing despite all of that.

Let me ask you something though — Have you ever felt like you needed permission from someone else so that you can do the things that you want to do in your life and business?

I’ve felt that way many times — and I’ve definitely chosen to make investments in support that would help me get the permission I felt I needed to make big leaps in my life.

I’ve also just reached out to friends, mentors, and team members for permission when needed.

There’s a common theme in many of the requests for permission that come up from women entrepreneurs.

So I’ve taken this opportunity to write a MASSIVE permission slip for you and your business in 2018.

Here you go. I’m giving you permission to:

  • Allow yourself to want something at a DEEPER level than you ever have before…. And be willing to take the steps to get it (despite the fear you have of failing!).
  • Stop settling for good enough. Take risks that allow you to achieve better than you ever imagined.
  • Say no to those friends who take too much and give too little in return (without feeling like a bitch!).
  • Set limits with family members who show no interest in what you do — stop trying to get their okay for what you’re doing and don’t let their lack of interest affect the way you feel about yourself and your business.
  • Vision BIG things for yourself — bigger than you could have ever imagined and trust that you can make them happen in the future despite the roadblocks that may appear
  • Let yourself feel scared by the goals you’re setting because they are so big. Honestly — if you’re goals don’t make you feel a little nauseous then you’re probably not setting them big enough.
  • Trust in yourself + the vision you have your business
  • Set goals! Don’t let “goal” be a bad word — you’re allowed to set them, go after them, and even exceed them.
  • Stop worrying about not reaching them. Stop freaking out if you fall short. Learn what you can when that happens and try again.
  • Have fun. Life is too short to be serious all the time. Business can be profitable AND fun (not one or the other).
  • Be powerful. The world needs more women to step into their power and own it. Be one of the women who are willing to do that (even when you’re worried what others will think).
  • Let go of what others think about you — get out of other people’s heads and stop letting them prevent you from doing what you want.
  • Make mistakes. Make lots of mistakes. Learn from them.
  • Stop acting like you’re perfect — you don’t need to be perfect to be liked and most of us prefer imperfect people and those who choose to be transparent about their faults.
  • Talk about your fears — don’t keep them locked up inside of you. Open up about them to your support system.
  • Show up for yourself — allow things to be “unbalanced” at times. Sometimes you’re going to have to work really hard and you’re going to feel really tired and that’s okay.
  • Stop protecting yourself from hard work + stress — breakdowns lead to breakthroughs and when you constantly shut out new opportunities because you’re worried they will stress you out, you miss out on great things.
  • Don’t try to do it all yourself — you’re worth the support.
  • Invest in the coach or mentor you’ve been wanting to work with. Outsource the tasks you hate. Don’t try to do it all.
  • Stop thinking you need to learn how to do EVERYTHING in order to be successful because you don’t. I’ve become successful more quickly because I don’t try to be an expert in all areas.
  • And most important — stop worrying about doing it wrong! You can’t get it right if you don’t even try and there are a million amazing opportunities out there waiting for you.

You’re probably going to have to read this list a few times and maybe even print it out and post it above your desk in order so it’s easy to check over the rest of the year. This is something that will take time to soak in. If you need more personalized support + strategy, we should talk.

In the meantime, hit reply or post in my Facebook group and let me know which of the things above you’re going to try first now that you have permission for it.

I BELIEVE in you + your vision for 2018 which is why I’m giving you permission to give it your all — let me know how it goes!


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