3-mistakesSo when people hear about my financial success with affiliate income, the first thing they want to know is “How did you do it??”

I hear so many stories about people who have tried to increase their income this way and how they have not been able to do it. They’ve lost a LOT of time trying to make it work but they haven’t been successful.

They’re frustrated and they often don’t want to spend any more time or energy on this income stream.

Once I started hearing these stories from other people I wanted to learn more!

I wanted to understand why I was able to make $5000 in just 2 weeks with my first affiliate launch and why other students in the Authentic Affiliate Academy have gone on to make hundreds or thousands of dollars in just a few short weeks as well.

Here are the 3 biggest mistakes that I’ve seen people make over and over again and it’s prevented them from earning thousands of dollars as an affiliate.

1. They’re targeting their audience with the wrong products and services.

So here’s the thing — we are usually a few steps ahead of our clients and followers which means that we aren’t currently struggling with the same problems they are. That means that they might not YET be ready for the programs and services that are currently helping us solve our problems! So even though we get those affiliate opportunities now, it might be better to share them with our peers + not our clients. We have to stay focused on what would be helpful for our clients RIGHT NOW in this moment and not down the road.

2. They’re inconsistent with a strategy for affiliate income.

This one happens to people who want to try out making money as an affiliate ALL the time — they try something once or twice but don’t stick with it! As a result, they miss out on a lot of income just as soon as it’s about to come their way. So many people get an opportunity to be an affiliate for something so they write a quick post on Facebook or send out 1 e-mail. And then they stop. Here’s the thing — you have to be consistent + you have to follow through in order to make really big profits!!! You have to be able to post every day on Facebook + get it in front of the right people. Or you have to be able to send e-mails about the RIGHT products and services to your audience. Be consistent can take a lot more energy than being inconsistent does but that’s where you get the BIG PAYOFF 🙂

3. They don’t believe that they can actually turn this into a profitable income stream.

Here’s the thing — people often want this to happen overnight and when it doesn’t happen that quickly for them they get discourage instead of tweaking their strategy. Affiliate income doesn’t take much of an investment so it’s okay to give yourself time to turn it into a profitable passive income stream. However some people really don’t believe it will work so they don’t give it 100% and then they get discouraged + give up. A positive mindset around passive income will really help you get to the place where you are making thousands of dollars a month this way. Money mindset is SO important that it’s actually the first Module of the Authentic Affiliate Academy.

See you there!

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