3 Situations Where Therapy Helps

Have you been thinking about  starting therapy? Maybe you are going through a bad breakup or have noticed that you are always stressed out and snapping at someone.  It might even be that you want to explore some events from your past, and you are not sure who to open up to.

These are just some of the reasons that you may be considering therapy, but you may be feeling apprehensive about reaching out to someone and that is understandable.  People often tell me that they spent a lot of time thinking about contacting a therapist before they actually got enough nerve to do it.

However once they make the call and began the therapy process, they find a lot of relief and cannot believe they put it off as long as they did.  Here are 3 common life situations that you are likely to come across when it is a good idea to reach out to a therapist for some professional help and guidance –   Please don’t hesitate to make that call today and set up your first therapy session!

  1.  You are not feeling like yourself —  maybe it’s feelings of depression or anxiety or anger  or (insert another uncomfortable feeling here)  but it is starting to feel like it is taking over your life.  This isn’t just a random bad day – this is when you feel bad most days and you are in a funk!  There is no reason this to continue and no reason for you to try to figure this out on your own.  A therapist can help you figure out what is underlying these feelings and can also help you learn new strategies to deal with them!
  2. Something in your life just changed — maybe you took on a new job and you are feeling overwhelmed, or maybe your relationship just ended and you are feeling alone.  It may even be that you just had a new baby and it’s not exactly what you thought it would be.  You feel like no one in your life understands what you are going through and no one is offering the support you need.  This is the perfect time for you to reach out to a professional therapist and get some assistance in coping with these transitions.  And even better – your therapy session is all about you and your needs so you can get the attention you deserve and deal with these changes in a healthy way.
  3. You may just be feeling plain old stuck!  You can’t get situations from your past out of your mind and you are not sure why they are bothering you now.  You are tired of obsessing about it with your friends, who want to help but are unable to provide you with the insight you need in order to get unstuck.  A therapist will be able to help you process whatever is going on and you can get a new view on what happened to you.  Working with a therapist will help you become unstuck and will allow you to reach your goals and move forward in life.


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