3 Time Wasters

How many times have you caught yourself saying “I need more time” whenever you’re working on a project in your business or life? It never feels like you have enough and you’re always thinking you can use more. I know I catch myself saying that at least a few times a week. In fact, I’m thinking it right now as I write this blog because I wish that I had more time to start it earlier.

The truth is that we all waste a LOT of time every day — and this wasted time is killing your business. We all try to be super productive and make more time for work but we don’t always do it in the RIGHT way. It’s time for you to do an assessment of your business and work habits to make sure that these 3 time wasters are not causing permanent damage.

Procrastination is the ultimate time waster and biz killer!! We put things off again and again as if we’re doing some super intense planning but often we’re just avoiding the tasks that feel hardest to us or scare us the most.  But the truth is that it is these tasks that will make the biggest difference in our business (seriously — I was avoiding a webinar but it ended up growing my list by over 300 people and inspiring me to create a new program).

When we procrastinate, we wear ourselves out (and sometimes even torture ourselves) by thinking about the work we need to do instead of actually doing it. You don’t want to spend MORE time thinking about a task than it takes to actually complete it. You’ll save a lot of time and money (and stress!) if you do things when you plan on it instead of putting in unnecessary delays.

Multitasking is a time waster in disguise. We think we’re being productive because we try to do multiple things at one time but the truth is that multitasking hurts our business because we’re not putting our full focus and attention on any one task. You can bet that not giving it our all affects the quality of our work.  Plus, we often have to re-do something when it doesn’t have our 100% focus.

Multitasking can be a self-sabotage behavior as well — sometimes we’re afraid to give it our all in case we fall short of our expectations so we set it up so that it’s impossible to try our best. It’s time for you to cut this behavior out. When you feel tempted to multitask, take a step back and just set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes. Work on one task for that time only and then you can switch to something different. You’re going to see that your work is a much higher quality when you cut this time-waster out.  

The last time waster that is killing your business is micro-managing (aka doing it all by yourself).  This is a tricky one if you’re a solopreneur because I’m sure you’re thinking “there is no one else do it!”  But here’s the thing — when we try to do it all, we get super overwhelmed + stressed and we stop having fun in our business. I know it can feel hard to invest in extra help but it’s so important if you really want to be the best boss possible of your life and business.

Not sure how to decrease the micro-managing? Make a list of the tasks that are always at the bottom of your to-do list (the ones you’re procrastinating on!!!) — for me these usually involve website updates and graphic design! Now that you have that list ready, decide which ones will help you grow your business the most and hire someone to do them.  You’d be surprised how much more motivated you’ll feel with this weight off your shoulders. We all need help and now is the time to reach out and make sure you get some!

Which of these time wasters is killing your business? Let me know in the comments below!





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