5 Ways to ScaleYour Business

You want to make more money doing work you love + be your own boss. I totally get it. Last year I quit my part-time job which provided me with secure income + access to health insurance. On paper, my business was not prepared for me to quit. I didn’t have steady referrals or income, but mentally I knew it was time for me to make the (terrifying!) leap.

The first few months were SLOW + STRESSFUL, but then I got my act together and turned things around quickly. At the time I felt like I just got lucky, but now I can see that there was a process + system that worked. These are the exact steps you can take to be more profitable and this is what I used to double my business income!

Step 1:   Move out of learning mode and start taking action

Face your fears and stop thinking that you need to learn more. It’s time for you to step up as a leader and start creating content, doing webinars, offering free calls to people, and showing up as the expert that you are. So many of my client’s aren’t even close to reaching their income potential when we start working together because they’re investing their time + financial resources in buying more courses because they just need to learn “one more thing.” If that sounds familiar to you then assess your days and make sure that you’re limiting your learning time to just a handful of hours a week.

Step 2:  Talk to people

You need to know your customers — it doesn’t matter if you’re selling services or products. Talking to potential customers will help help you create programs that will sell more easily because you will know exactly what problems they want solved. You will also be building relationships and open yourself up to referral opportunities. Your confidence will increase + you will also be seen as an expert in the areas that you specialize in.  People love to give feedback and share their opinions so this will be an easy thing to fill!

Step 3: Create multiple streams of income

Don’t put yourself in a position so that you only have one source of income. You need multiple streams that can include products, books, courses, 1:1 services, group programs, and affiliate income. Make sure that you always have passive income options. Your profits will increase more quickly and making money will be much more easy!  I created a course last year and even though it wasn’t a big money maker it was nice to have something low-priced to offer people — diversifying my income streams really helped me to feel like a boss.

Step 4: Get support + strategic guidance

It’s hard to stay motivated + accountable on your own. Investing in support from a coach or mentor is one way to get the support to help you upgrade your business and life.  Having a solid group of friends and family who support your business and who you can turn to for encouragement is another option. A combination of both of these will help you reach new levels of success. I haven’t gone more than a few months total without coaching + support in my business since I started it 3 years ago and I know that’s one of the reasons that I’m farther ahead financially than others who started businesses at the same time as me.

5. Become best friends with your numbers

Know your numbers and learn to love them. These numbers include your income goals, the number of clients you need to meet your goals, your mailing list numbers, and your expenses as just a few examples. It’s really hard to make the money you want if you’re not sure how much you want to make and what you need to sell to reach that goal.

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