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I don’t know about you but here in New Jersey we have been battered by the snow this winter!   With all this snow, there have been many days that we have been stuck in the house all day.  I know a lot of people like to take advantage of a snow day by lying around in their pajamas all day watching whatever they have on their DVR (and hey — making space on your DVR definitely feels good!), but often at the end of those days they usually start freaking out about what they could have/should have accomplished that day.  Thanks to all these snow days that I have gotten to experience this winter and all the time that I have spent inside my house, I have gotten many opportunities to test out the different ways to make the most out of a snow day and here are the top five.


1.  Get Dressed

Seriously, don’t spend the whole day in your pajamas.  Now  I do not mean that you have to treat this like it is a day in the office, but at least get some clean sweats or yoga pants on.  You definitely want to be comfortable, but never changing out of our pajamas just encourages us not to move and sit on the couch all day. And then of course we feel totally gross later on that evening when we think about all the time that we spent in them.

2.  Give yourself a mini spa day

A snow day is the perfect day to do some self-care —  you have to make up for neglecting yourself!  Light some candles and enjoy the flickering light and the relaxing scents.  Take a hot bath and enjoy a book or magazine and a cup of tea as there is no reason to rush through it.  You know those facial masks that you purchase and then forget to use regularly?  A snow day is the perfect day to make use of them and refresh your skin.  Those fancy shower gels and lotions that you are saving for a special day?  Pull them out because this is going to be that special day.  Want a nap?  Take one!  You can also listen to some relaxing music or take some time to meditate and recharge.  A mini spa day at home will definitely be a great use of your time on a snowy, winter day when you can’t get out of the house.  Just think about how awesome you will feel the following day when you leave the house again.

3.  Move your body

I noticed that on the snow days where I sat too long on my couch with only quick trips to the fridge or bathroom that my body would be stiff and hurting by the end of the day!  Plus, I have a hard time falling asleep at night because I didn’t use up any of my energy.  This is a great time to pull out your yoga mat and just do a few yoga moves for 10 minutes or more (or try out this [fancy_link link=”” variation=”steelblue”]great flow[/fancy_link]by Tara Stiles).  Or you can check out any kind of exercise video you would like.  Have a Wii?  Playing games on it that require you to stand up is another excellent way to get some movement in.  Do you hate snow shoveling?  Just remind yourself that it is physical exercise that is good for your body and you won’t hate it so much anymore.  Also, I recommend setting a timer (because it is way too easy to get so comfortable on your couch that you don’t realize that the day is flying by) so that you every hour you remember to get up and walk around and stretch.  Your body will definitely be thanking you at the end of the day

4.  Make a home-cooked meal

This is the perfect time to make that crock-pot recipe or soup/stew recipe that requires you to watch the stove for a few hours.  A hot home-cooked meal tastes so much better when it is cold and snowy out and you should make enough food so that you have enough for leftovers for lunch or dinner that week.  This is also a good opportunity to make a few different meals and freeze them so that on those days when you are working late or rushing around, you have a supply of healthy, home-cooked meals to turn to in your freezer instead of grabbing something fast and unhealthy?  Don’t like leftovers?  Then just share them with a neighbor or co-worker and you will feel good about doing something nice for someone else.  This is also a great day to do some baking and bring it in to share at work the next day.  You’ll feel great and they will definitely appreciate it.

5.  Make your home more comfortable

A day inside your home is the perfect day to figure out if there is anything that you want to rearrange or straighten up.  Don’t worry — you don’t have to spend all day doing this, but you should put aside an hour at least for this task.  You might want to go through your closet and put aside all of the clothes that you want to donate.  Or you can go through that junk drawer that has been driving you crazy and make it more organized.  Maybe you even want to just spend 10 minutes in each room putting away what you can and getting rid of the things you don’t need.  Even though you are not dedicating a lot of time to these tasks, you will feel so much better with the space that will open up.  It can be very stressful to spend a day at home when you have clothes on the floor or piles of papers all over the place.  The snow day is the perfect time to get these tasks taken care of and if you do it in the morning, you can enjoy how comfortable your home is the rest of the time you are there.


So I hope that these are some useful (and fun) tips on how to make the most of your snow day (or any other day you are unexpectedly stuck at home!).  Let me know in the comments which idea you can’t wait to try out!  Feel free to also share any tips you have about making a snow day at home even better.


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