7 Hard TruthsAbout theLaptop Lifestyle (1)

I love the idea of the laptop lifestyle. As many of you know, I’m finishing it up a 3 week trip in Playa del Carmen right now — this was a total workcation by the way! Meaning I just booked a ticket a few weeks ago, found a great apartment on Airbnb, and packed up my MacbookAir and left.

I even squeezed in a fun lifestyle photoshoot as you can see in the photo above. But just like that photo above (you can’t tell I’m sweaty, my jeans were glued to my legs, that cup is an empty prop, and I was ready for a nap), the laptop lifestyle can be a bit of an illusion if you just go by the pictures on the internet.

Here are 7 hard truths about the laptop lifestyle you’re bound to find out if you try it out yourself:

  1. You will suffer from internet issuesI actually had to write most of this blog on a word document because I was struggling to get a solid internet connection. Luckily in Mexico, I had a cell phone that worked and was able to use it for my client calls because if I was relying on the internet the whole time, I don’t know how many of them would have happened. Take advantage of the internet being down and use that time to sightsee because you’ll have to make up your work when it comes back on (even if that happens during your beach time!).
  2. You won’t be able to work when you want to (see #1).You may try to create an organized work schedule for yourself (for example, I like to work during the mornings through breakfast and spend the afternoons on the beach) but if you have to get stuff done, seize the opportunity when you can (aka good internet connection!). Use something like The Self Journal to stay focused!!
  3. You’ll get tired of people asking you if you’re lonely (and you may get lonely!)To be honest, I don’t really get too lonely — I’m a bit of an introvert, my client calls keep me going, my friends and family text me all the time, and I can entertain myself pretty easily but I do get tired of people asking me ifI’m lonely all the time.
  4. A workcation is NOT a vacation.This is very important. Repeat after me. A workcation is NOT a vacation. It’s easy to be lulled into thinking you will just get to hang out on the beach all day, drink unlimited margaritas, and sightsee, but if you want to be able to afford the laptop lifestyle without stress, you will still need to work. I do recommend taking a vacation in the midst of the workcatiion though! I had a 2 night gap where I upgraded myself to fancy hotel + laid out by the pool all day and it was a great way to refresh and recharge, but the rest of the trip was pretty much similar to my work days at home except that I took my breaks on the beach instead of my couch 😉
  5. You will get much less work done then you had planned.You know that to-do list you have ready with everything you NEED to get done. Cut it in half. Then cut it in half again. Honestly, between beach breaks, poor internet, difficulty focusing, and who knows what else you will get much less work done then you had planned. For example, one of my major to-do’s for this trip was getting through my books on my Kindle that are all about business + personal development. It’s 3 weeks into my trip and I’m 80% of the way through the first one. I also planned to create 5-10 videos for you but I’ve only created 1 so far. Prioritize your work so you get the most important stuff done because it’s going to be hard to keep up with all of it.
  6. Other people (aka your family + friends that aren’t entrepreneurs) will assume that you’re just “hanging out” all the time.I get a lot of questions and comments that sound extremely disbelieving about how much work I’m actually doing. Truthfully, time at the beach motivates me in a serious way so I get my work done a lot quicker when I’m on a work cation then when I’m at home. You will also get asked the question “You’re making money while you do this?” more times then you can count.
  7. Only having 1 income stream will cause you a LOT of stress. Honestly, if you are reliant one one income stream and it requires you to trade dollars for hours you will be very stressed out during your laptop lifestyle adventure. PLEASE make sure you set up passive income streams so that you still have money coming in even when you’re internet sucks and even when you can’t work with clients 1:1. Affiliate income is an amazing way to bulk up your income by thousands of dollars a year so that you have the freedom to travel without feeling financial stress about it. A bonus hard truth for you your laptop WILL NOT work well on the beach. You’ll get sand in the keys + the glare will make it too hard to actually see the screen so don’t actually expect to do any work there (but a cafe near the beach is totally possible as a workplace!).

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