Christmas morning can be pretty sweet thanks to the cookies for breakfast, presents left by Santa under the tree, and bonding time with family and friends…. but did you know that gratitude can be even sweeter? Read on for some reasons why that is.

1. Gratitude is something that you can experience every day of the year, but Christmas morning only comes around once a year.

2. You never want to return the feelings that come along with gratitude (such as warmth, happiness, peace, relief, etc.), but you may want to return some of those presents you get under the tree!

3. While thoughts of presents at Christmas time can cause our materialistic side to come out, gratitude helps us to remember to be grateful for what we already have (and doesn’t need to be wrapped with bows).

4. Christmas causes a lot of tension and stress with our loved ones as we struggle to make the day “perfect,” but gratitude improves our relationships with others because it reminds us of why we appreciate them.

5. Gratitude happens every day of the year, while you only get Christmas morning once a year!

6. Using gratitude to let someone know how much you appreciate them doesn’t cost a thing (but trying to show appreciation with a super expensive Christmas present can put a major dent in your bank account).

7. Can you tell me any of the long term benefits of Christmas morning? Most likely not, but gratitude has been found to improve feelings of happiness and optimism, increased exercise, healthier self-care habits, and fewer feelings of stress.

Doesn’t this just make you want to try the whole gratitude thing out? The holiday season is a great time to start a new tradition in which members of the family share why they are grateful for each other.  Let me know how it goes in the comments below!

Wishing you all Happy and StressLESS Holidays!


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