Outsourcing tasks in your business can seem kind of scary at first.

After all, so many of us business owners tend to be control freaks about the things we’re doing (that is why went into business after all) and we have a hard time handing them off to other people because we feel that they can’t do it as well (or fast!) as we can. However, by not being willing to turn over tasks to other people we can often limit the growth of our business because we’re just 1 person with a lot of different responsibilities.  

Plus the truth is we can’t be experts in everything and there are amazing support people out there who can do things better and faster than us.  When we try to do it all we burn out and we can’t focus as much time on the money making tasks in our business.

The other issue is the cost — so many people worry about investing in extra support for their business but the reality is that they can do the work that takes us a long time to do so we can actually focus on the work that actually increases your profits.

For example, I’m not skilled at creating images or making website tweaks. When I have to do things like that they stay on my to-do list forever, cause me a lot of stress, and take me a lot longer to do because it’s not anything I feel confident at and I overthink all of it.

The truth is when I hired my first virtual assistant in my business, I wasn’t really making enough money to do that. But because I hired her I was able to quickly put together a low cost course to sell and increase my income. Without her it would have been months or even years before I figured out how to do that.

Let’s talk about which tasks are the best to handoff first in your business!

1. Onboarding new clients + customers

This is such a great task to get support with because you want your clients and customers to be taken care of as soon as you start working with them. When I wasn’t getting support with this, things definitely fell through the cracks like contracts, scheduling links, welcome e-mails, etc.  You can set up a process that can be started as soon as a new client signs on so that your assistant knows exactly what forms they need to send to the client. You will feel much more secure knowing that you can turn your clients over to the reliable hands of your support person!

2.  Blog process

There are a lot of steps involved with publishing a blog. I know just thinking about what to write and then actually writing it wears me out.  When I think about how I then have to find + edit an image to go with it, put the blog into wordpress, format it, and then get it out to my mailing list and social media channels I don’t even want to get started because it feels like such a huge project!!!

Creating content is not my favorite thing to do in my business. But to be honest, when I don’t have to worry about all of those extra little tasks that come after writing the blog (which can feel super hard some days!!) then it’s a lot easier for me to just focus on the writing.  Plus you can write a few blogs at a time so that they can format all of them and schedule them at the same time.

3.  Follow up process

Following up with potential leads and previous clients is such an important part of creating recurring revenue. A large percentage of sales occurs when you follow up with people and if you don’t have a follow up process in place, you can lose out on a large amount of potential income.  Now some of the following up will have to be done by you but you can make sure that your support staff creates a follow up spreadsheet for you and creates reminders and schedules them so you know who to follow up with and when to follow up with them. This is one important task that you need to stay on top of and the support help to make that happen.

4.  Website updates

Have you ever had old services and products on your website for much longer than they should be? Do you hate introducing new services because you don’t want to have to deal with WordPress? Do you worry about losing everything that’s on your website because you know you don’t have a good backup system in place?

These are all tasks related to your website that you can hand off to someone else.  I know that I can’t stand going in the backend of my website but it’s something that is important so that I can keep people up to date on all the ways that they can work with me. Even though you’re a business owner you don’t have to become a wordpress expert!

5.  Social media

Consistency is key with social media. I see so many people create social media accounts and then get frustrated because those accounts are not getting them any results. You need to be posting regularly and you need to be creating content that matches your brand. This can be something that can be done by your virtual assistant and they can also load it up to a scheduler like Edgar, eClincher, or Buffer (I recommend eClincher or Edgar because they allow you to recycle your content and will save you a lot of time each week when you don’t have to schedule your own content constantly). Start with one or 2 social media accounts and then you can add more as your business grows.

6.  Content creation

There are so many different kinds of content to create when you’re running a small business. It’s important that you create the content and the courses and the writing so that your audience can get to know you and your personality but you do not have to design them as well.  Get your support staff to create PDFs, images, and social media content so that you can spend more time generating income.

For example, I’ve seen many entrepreneurs hesitate to create new opt-ins and lead magnets because they don’t know how to create fillable PDFs or get caught up in the design of the cover. This doesn’t have to be something that you waste time doing + you want to be creating new opt-ins so that you can be growing your mailing list. The more time you postpone these tasks, the longer it will take to grow your business.

7.  Any other task you don’t want to do

You should hand off just about any task that you’re not a fan of in your business as these tasks can really weigh us down and delay any forward progress that we’re making. You do want to make sure you keep an eye on what your support staff is doing but you don’t have to be a master at EVERYTHING in your business.  

Comment below and let me know which tasks you’re ready to outsource!


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