Are you looking for an additional income stream that doesn’t require you to create a new product or service?

Are you tired of trading dollars for hours?

Do you want the opportunity to increase your yearly income by thousands of dollars without getting a part time job?


If you’re saying yes to the questions above, then affiliate marketing might be what you’re looking for.

So far this year, I’ve made over $11,000 in affiliate income.  That’s more than I used to make in over 4 months at my part time job!!!! It’s actually allowed me to grow my business with less pressure and stress (and I even got to pay off my car a year early).

I’ve done this without a big mailing list and just by sharing products and services that I love and believe in (I promise — you don’t have to be salesy to do this).

The crazy part of this whole affiliate thing? I actually fell into this by accident (and I’ll share that story on my call).

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Here’s what I’ll cover:

  • What is affiliate income exactly
  • How you can find services and products to become an affiliate for
  • How to make money with your affiliate products
  • How to do affiliate marketing without a website or big mailing list
  • How to make money from other people’s products and services without blocking income from your own services 

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