I started with Nicole at the very beginning of my business and she has been with me every step of the way.

Through working with her, I was able to come to terms with charging my full fee and sticking with it.

I went from having a few clients paying me way below my worth to tripling the number of clients I have who pay my full fees and now feeling excited about what’s next. I was able to conquer my hesitations and build my confidence as a visible expert in the community although this was something that I thought that I could just skip.

Working with Nicole in her coaching and mastermind has helped me face my fears of public speaking and allowed me to learn to truly enjoy meeting with like-minded professionals in my community. I have actually come to feel inspired and energized in my networking meetings. I had a huge transformation as I went from overthinking every email or conversation, to letting it flow organically and planning and sustaining my own networking group.

I would not have been able to push my limits without Nicole’s words of encouragement, strategic planning and no nonsense approach. She has helped me stay focused on tasks and breaking things down into simple and manageable moves. Before working with Nicole (in both her mastermind and 1:1 programs), I would exert a lot of time, energy and fatigue to overthinking and I have learned to not delay anything and to do it anyway!

I’m so thankful to Nicole for all she’s done and always keeping me accountable.

That level of confidence and empowerment that I’ve built up working with Nicole has allowed me to face and tackle whatever was making me feel incompetent and helped me to get into a boss mindset by eliminating and restructuring wasted energy that was causing overwhelm in my business.

Nicole also has a way of getting to what was really holding me back, and I started to become aware of how the moves I was making were keeping me small and invisible. Through that conversation, I was able to leave my part-time job and focus more exclusively on my business. In the her programs, Nicole will help you strategize, think bigger for your business, and most importantly won’t let you get in your own way. Moreover, the group support is valuable as I realized that the fears that I had were not just limited to my experience and I have made some amazing connections with the other women!


Andrea Nyerges


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