be the BOSS of your

business + life

A Clarity Call is for you if:

-You're ready to embark on a big transition in your life (good bye J-O-B forever!) and you want personal, totally-got-you, right-by-your-side support

-You're tired of polling the 10 “closest” people in your life every time you want to make a life decision – you're ready to learn how to trust yourself (and have the confidence to do follow through) once and for all

-Your Macbook is crowded with e-courses about how to create your ideal career + lifestyle but you still aren't living it yet and you're worried you never will

-Your mindset sucks and you're not afraid to admit it. Every time things start to go good, your fears paralyze  you and you never get to make progress

– You're a free spirit feeling trapped in your current work + life situation and you're ready to step out of your comfort zone so you can create a freedom-based lifestyle NOW (and not someday!)

Sign up for this free strategy session if you're ready to get support so that you can be the best boss of your business + life.

It's time to stop planning your goals + make them happen!

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“Nicole’s coaching has helped take my energy business to the next level.
“She gave me a strategy and encouragement to build a community and group program that became my first big business success — in fact, it generated $8,000 in the first 2 weeks!!! Nicole doesn’t just give you suggestions that you have to figure out on your own — she holds you accountable and provides you support so that you're doing whatever needs to be done to succeed. One of her gifts is seeing the big picture and different possible ways to create more income. Since our work together I’ve added passive streams of income that complement my work and help keep my business flowing more easily. Thank you Nicole!”

Melissa Zoske ~

Energy and Wealth Alignment Expert

“When I launched my business I was able to quickly sign on 3 new 1:1 clients with her guidance. “Being in Nicole's mastermind group has provided me with the support and focus that I needed to get my new business off the ground. When I launched my business I was able to quickly sign on 3 new 1:1 clients with her guidance. Now I've just booked two new private coaching clients within a week for a 1 year coaching program. I've also got guest posting opportunities in front of my ideal clients and I've grown my new Facebook group by 700 people in a very short time. She is always there for me when I've felt frustrated or overwhelmed and helped me get back on track. Thank you for all you've done Nicole!

Tessa Armstrong ~

Coach for Introverts + Highly Sensitive People