The holidays can be stressful for a lot of different reasons.  Many times we have an idea of EXACTLY what we want them to look like and then we can quickly become frustrated if things don’t go our way. Or we overbook and overextend ourselves with holiday parties, shopping, and other activities that we feel we JUST have to do (but all of these activities drain us).  We get ourselves overwhelmed with no extra time and we forget what the holidays are supposed to be about — spending (and enjoying!) time with the people in our life who we really love and having fun.

There are a few things that you can do to make sure the holidays are stress-free and enjoyable. Here are my favorite ways to stress-less during the holidays:

1. Schedule in some quiet time

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season involves watching Christmas movies — you can never watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation too many times and it also makes me nostalgic for all the times that my brother and I watched it growing up.  I make sure to have some quiet time watching Christmas movies and enjoying my Christmas tree while wrapping presents or doing some other mindless holiday task on my to-do list (maybe some online Christmas shopping?).

I  know that I usually advise you not to multi-task but this time I’m allowing it because Christmas movies are the perfect way to give yourself some quiet time AND help you cross some items off your to-do list.

2. Say no if you need to

Don’t overextend yourself — this will lead to you doing many things that you will most likely end up not enjoying.  Instead you need to focus on a few activities that you really want to do — that way you’ll actually have the energy to enjoy the experiences you have rather than feeling tired and frustrated about your lack of time.  There’s no reason to feel guilty about saying no — many people are in the same position you might be with overbooking their lives and schedules and may be relieved to postpone your get-together until things settle down in January!

3. Let go of your expectations

Go with the flow.  Seriously.  I know how hard this can be, but let go of your expectations and just let things happen the way they are.  We try so hard to control things so that they can work out “just right” and that puts a lot of pressure and tension on ourselves and other people around us.  We want things to be perfect — we want to get someone the best present ever or we want to make the most delicious dinner or host the most fun holiday party.  We get caught up in trying to make this happen and we forget to enjoy everything that leads up to those results because we’re rushed and stressed.  Just put aside your thoughts and predictions for how you want things to turn out and enjoy what you have right now in this moment!

So which of these stress-less strategies are you going to try first?  I’d love to hear about your favorite ways to enjoy the holidays in the comments below!! If you need more help to put these strategies (or more personalized ones) into place, you can book a Fast Fix session with me over HERE.


I’ve had so much fun connecting to so many amazing coaches who are passionate about helping others.  I’d love for you to have access to the rest of the tour so you don’t miss out on this valuable resource.

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