It’s hard to believe that a few years ago at this time I was just getting ready to leave a job that I hated — it didn’t start out that way but it’s what it became after a few years in a working environment where I didn’t feel supported and was no longer learning and growing. Even though I was miserable and had turned into a stress addict, I was actually still scared to leave my job.

There was a part of me that felt that it was easier to stay where I was (yes even though I was miserable!) — after all, what if I left and became more unhappy?  What if I didn’t find a job that paid me as much (even though I was barely making enough to cover my bills and school loans to begin with)? What if I lost all my friends because I was moving out of NYC too?

Yet even though I had all of those fears and worries, I knew deep down that there was other experiences that I needed to be having. So I resigned from my job and took an even bigger step out of my comfort zone — I actually headed to Venezuela for over 2 months so that I could travel and volunteer even though I hadn’t used any of the Spanish I had learned in years.

That trip was amazing and when I got home from it I knew that I wanted to travel that way again — meaning that I wanted to spend a few weeks in another country so I could really relax and enjoy the culture. I had no idea at that time if it would be possible or how I would ever be able to take that much time off from work again when I needed to be present for my clients in person.

Fast forward a few years though and I here I am in Costa Rica for almost a month! I get to travel around the country, connect with friends that I’ve met before (I actually just had dinner with a college friend and his wife who turned out to be vacationing about 20 minutes from me), and make lots of new friends. What’s also been really great about this trip is that I’ve been able to work during it so that I can afford to stay here longer. I can work with my clients over the phone or on Skype so that we can keep on working towards them reaching their goals and so I can keep supporting them without any big breaks.  I can do the self-care for myself that helps me to be my best for my clients and I can keep working with them at the same time.

I’m not any different from you — I get scared, I get worried, and I’m tempted to just sit on my couch and watch TV when things get scary or tough.  I know that you can make that big decision to switch things up to if that’s what you really want and you don’t have to do it on your own — I can help.

Maybe 4 weeks in Costa Rica isn’t the step out of your comfort zone that you want to take — maybe you just want to look fora new job, or maybe you want to go into your business full-time. Maybe you’re ready to get out of that relationship that’s no longer working for you.  I’m sharing my story because I want you to know that I really understand how hard it is to do this on your own.  There’s no judgment here about your choices — I just want to support you in taking the steps you need in order to be able to live the life you WANT.

It’s amazing how much I’ve changed since that first big trip to Venezuela — a lot of that trip I was distracted and recovering from burnout because I didn’t have any self-care techniques in place prior to then.  Sometimes I was just zoned out on the beach. Other times I as journaling and learning more about who I was and what was really important to me in my life. Sometimes I just wasn’t present because I was reliving the past unhappiness at my old job and worrying about the future.

This trip is a lot different for me because I know how to practice more mindfulness now.  I understand how important it is to be present and to pay attention to my surroundings.  Right in front of the ocean is my favorite place to do that so I take advantage of it by doing mini-meditations and mindfulness exercises throughout the day. I remember to breathe in the fresh air.

I want you to have that experience too so I recorded a video for you. In it, I talk you through the steps of being mindful in front of the ocean — it might be a little hard for you to hear me as I was right in front of the ocean and the waves are loud but that’s ok. Listening to me is not the most important thing — what’s important is just noticing the sound of the ocean and watching the waves and just breathing throughout it.

Here you go — it’s so beautiful here you just have to see it!





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