Hi!  So when I first learned about mindfulness, it pretty much changed my life! I realized that I couldn’t even remember how long it was since I wasn’t running around on autopilot, always multi-tasking (I thought multi-tasking would be the key to my success!), and never really being in the present.  I was always plotting my next steps, thinking about all the items on my never ending to-do list, and of course the worst one of all — obsessing over every mistake I ever made and trying to make a plan so I would never mess up again (not possible!).

So basically, when I discovered mindfulness and how to be present — it was just what I needed to learn how to actually experience life as it’s happening.  Of course I wanted an overnight miracle change, but that didn’t happen so it’s just taking me lots of practice and small shifts.

Starting RIGHT NOW (yeayyy!), I’m going to be sharing a SIMPLE (because really who wants complicated?) mindfulness tip every Monday with all of you that you can practice that day or every day throughout the week and here’s the first video!

How did you feel during this activity?  Are you excited to learn more mindfulness strategies? Let me know how it goes in the comments below!



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