Around this time last year about 5 minutes before midnight, I pressed the “Buy Now” button and made a purchase that would change my life and relationship with money forever.

I know this sounds like a dramatic decision but at the time I didn’t realize the impact it would have on my financial future. Back then though, I just wasn’t sure if I was making the right decision to invest my money in Lucky Bitch Bootcamp. After all, I had no bad debt (other than grad school loans) so I figured there wasn’t much more I would need to learn about having a good relationship with money.

Thank goodness my FOMO (fear of missing out) took over and I decided to make the investment. I had a good friend who was signing up and I knew it would be helpful to join together so we could keep each other accountable. I reminded myself that there was a 60 day money back guarantee policy that I could take advantage of if I decided that the program was not a good fit for me.

The truth is once I got in, I never looked back or even thought about leaving the program.

Lucky Bitch Bootcamp was one of the best investments that I could ever make for myself. The reason for this? Even though I didn’t have any bad debt, it turned out my money mindset was not in the best shape.

lucky bitch bootcamp

I still feel embarrassed to admit this but the truth is that I had a scarcity mindset about money. I didn’t really believe that I could make a lot of money or that I was deserving of it. I was also always living in fear about losing the money if I made it so I could never really enjoy what I had.

Now how could I run a business with those screwed up beliefs? Also, I was always encouraging my clients to put themselves out there and break through their success blocks. It would have been pretty hypocritical if I wasn’t will to examine + change my own limiting beliefs.

Some of my negative beliefs about money came from childhood and family beliefs but others were developed later as I built my career as a social worker.

The truth is that I believed it was “bad” for me to make a lot of money and that I should work to help others as it was selfish to be concerned about making good money.

Here are a list of beliefs that I identified as a result of going through the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp and have been working to change:

  • People who make a lot of money are selfish
  • Social workers shouldn’t be concerned about making money
  • Making money is a lot of work and will mean that I will lose my freedom
  • People won’t like me if I make a lot of money
  • I’m not smart enough to make a lot of money
  • It will take me the full 30 years to pay off my grad school loans

Do any of these beliefs look familiar to you? Did you even realize that thoughts and beliefs like these could be getting in the way of you making a lot of money?

Honestly within a couple of months of being in the program, I made over $8,000 in one month and that was HUGE for me! It was because I was actually doing the “work” of changing my beliefs and not just avoiding them anymore.

My income has continued to increase since I joined the bootcamp. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m done with the bootcamp because this is life work.

Reaching those goals has brought up a whole new set of limiting beliefs that I’m working through right now like “I can only make a lot of money one time” and “If I make a lot of money then I won’t be able to save it.” Thank goodness I have the support of a whole community of amazing women in the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp group to support me through this.

If you’re interested in becoming a Lucky Bitch and breaking through a mindset that’s keeping you stuck + frustrated + with a lot of limits around money then click here to join us!



P.S.  Denise Duffield-Thomas (the creator of Lucky Bitch Bootcamp) is an amazing money mentor and she has a FREE video series on manifesting.  CLICK HERE to watch it now!

Disclaimer – I’m a proud affiliate of Denise’s. If you decide to purchase any of the Lucky Bitch products and programs, I may receive a commission. 



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