Well it’s hard to believe but it’s that time of year again… you know the time of year when Oprah puts out her list of favorite things!  I hope you enjoyed that list (click here to check it out) but I know you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for me to release mine

And here it is!  Just in time for some last minute holiday shopping.

2016 has been an amazing year of growth + I know that 2017 is going to be even better for ALL of us!

I’m excited to share some of the things that I use to make my life + business even better — now is the time to be celebrating your business wins from the past year so feel free to choose one of the items from below to reward yourself!!

Giving gifts to others is one of my FAVORITE things to do (no gift card shopping here!) so you can bet that some of these items are going to be in my friend’s stockings this year.

I can’t wait to hear which of these you decide to gift to yourself (you’ve been working hard on building your business so you deserve it!) and others too of course!  Just click on the item to purchase it easily!

Here’s just a FEW of my favorite items from 2016:

1. Alexa — have you met Alexa?? She hangs out on the Echo (which I gifted to my dad earlier this year) and the Tap (which I gifted to myself right after that — the tap is a bit more portable BUT the echo is voice activated).  I love Alexa because she adds things to my shopping list, plays music for me, and even orders my favorite items from Amazon!  Get your own Alexa for sure 🙂

2. Bulletproof coffee – I know that this trend started awhile back BUT I finally tried it out and I’m really enjoying it!  Make sure to add a little vanilla, grass-fed butter, and this super special BRAIN OCTANE OIL (it will really help you focus0 to your coffee + blend it all together and it’s like a fancy latte (seriously!!)

3. Self Journal — this planner is actually very similar to how I’ve already been running my life + business over the past year so I was pretty excited to find it last month — if you head to my Facebook page, you can even find a review of it!

4. Blue nail polish — okay blue nail polish MIGHT not be for everyone but I certainly hope that you can find a nail polish for yourself that lifts your mood AND goes with your branding — I like bright colors that look great on the beach in the summer + make me think of the beach in the winter 🙂

5. My office — ok this is actually a room, not a thing BUT my desk is a thing and it lives in the office. Seriously though it’s kind of crazy that I’ve been as successful as I have with my business working from the COUCH!  But I’m ready to blow up my business even bigger and that means increasing my focus + that works better in my office. You can see videos that I film there on my Facebook page.

6. My Macbook Air – this made the list last year and it’s making it again — I’d be lost with out it! It made it possible for me spend a month in Mexico on the beach earlier this year WHILE working + my income not decreasing at all — I love how light it is + of course it has the best teal accessories.

7.  The Apple Watch — this was a new addition to my collection of Apple products a couple of months ago — it was a combo birthday + earned 6 figures in my business gift — it’s pretty sweet + I definitely need the exercise reminders since it’s all too easy for me to stay glued to item #6 on this list.

8. Blank notebooks + journals — I go through a couple of these per year + this one is the MOST PERFECT one ever to store all my great ideas + future money making projects — make sure you grab one for yourself AND your best friend (if she appreciates this kind of humor!)

9. Truffle salt — this makes EVERYTHING taste better — or at least almost everything!  I put it on my popcorn + it’s the most delicious snack for in-between clients.  Try it out!

10. An awesome mug — I love MUGS!  Seriously — I even drink my wine out of them sometimes for fun. I probably should have stuck this item right after the bulletproof coffee but just remembered it — I like to drink out of teal mugs because that’s my favorite color AND it looks great in my instagram photos and matches my branding!

11. Funny T-shirts — one of the BEST parts of working at home is that I’m able to wear whatever I want.  These awesome T-shirts are so funny + look great too. Make sure you get one for yourself + a matching one for your biz bestie!

12. Masterminds — Running masterminds AND being a part of a mastermind is such a fun + motivating part of my business!  I love helping groups of powerful women do things that they are scared to do in business + get big results and of course I love being a part of masterminds too — the accountability I get has made it possible to grow my business multiple times each year and now I have amazing friends all over the world to visit when I want!

CLICK HERE to get on the waitlist for my 2017 mastermind if you’re ready to 2x or 3x your business next year + have a bigger impact on your target market. Action takers only 🙂

Kind of perfect that this was a list of 12 items as that is my favorite number — I’d love you to SHARE some of your favorite things from 2017 in the comments below.


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