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I totally get where you are — you want things to change in your life. Maybe you want a more fun social life, a promotion at work so you can make more money, or to find a hobby that you enjoy. You’ve read tons of self-help books, you’ve watched Oprah for years, and you even meditate once a week (okay once a month but you plan on doing it at least once a week) but it hasn’t been working because everything is still the same.

You’re still doing the same things you were 6 months ago (complaining to your friends about how bored you are, getting frustrated with your annoyingly perfect coworker, making plans to join a gym but not following through are just a few of these things). To be honest, you’re not even sure where to start so that things can change. You’ve tried setting your alarm so you can get up early and start your day with a healthy habit (green smoothie anyone?). You think about using up your saved vacation time for a life changing trip but end up spending the week watching Netflix.

There is something you can do right now that will change your life — I did it and it certainly changed mine. You’re going to be surprised by what I tell you, but this one thing that will change your life right now is journaling. Journaling changes your life because it allows you to really dig deep and explore your thoughts and feelings. Because you’re doing it on your own and not sharing it with anyone (unless you want to!), you’re able to really explore things in safe, non-judgmental (don’t judge yourself!) space and it helps you to let go of a lot of the crappy stuff that’s happened and get super clear on what you want in your life.

I first got into journaling when I was traveling by myself in Venezuela a few years ago. I really just wanted to keep a record of my trip but then as I started to explore my experiences that I was having, I really was able to get clear on what I wanted my life to be about. I remember actually having a bunch of Oprah AHA moments as I dealt with some of the things that had happened in my life and figured out what was really important to me. Sometimes I vented and was able to let go of the not-so-great things that had happened in my life and sometimes I explored my strengths and was surprised by how much I had done.

What I really liked about journaling was letting go of the “right way” to do it because there really was no right way to write about my life. Some days I wrote for pages and others I was short and to the point. The most important part though was making sure I did it regularly. Sometimes I struggled with what to write about and other days it just flowed. I really even amazed myself because my attempts at journaling before this had been writing in my pink diary in middle school with a little lock. I definitely had much more to write about now as I was able to really explore what was most important to me in my life.

Sometimes I did get stuck and a little nudge or suggestion would have been helpful but I had no clue where to find that. Well after years of writing on my own, I have created an e-course to help YOU get clear on what you want more of in your life through journaling. This course will help you create a regular journaling habit (and self-care strategy) through the use of writing prompts that are sent straight to your inbox weekly so that you no longer have to waste time or money as you try to figure out where to begin.

The Live More e-course is not only super affordable so that you can do this in stress-free way, it’s also manageable as you get one writing prompt per week to work on over year (don’t worry — if you’re Type A and want to move more quickly through the course you’ll get access to all the material right away). Want to know more? Head over HERE to check it out and sign up right now so you can change your life today (yes it’s that easy to easy!).

P.S. This course really will change your life and help you get clear on what goals you need to focus on.


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