So I spend a lot of time working with super smart, savvy women who are very motivated to create businesses that they love (and are profitable!).

These women are AMAZING — they are ridiculously talented and I get so excited thinking about all the ways their businesses are going to help others.

But there is this one thing that keeps getting in the way of their success.

And that is PERFECTION.

Yep — these women are STRUGGLING to get things going in their businesses because they are trying so hard to be perfect + get it right the first time.

It’s kind of driving me nuts.

After all, I totally understand what they’re going through — I am a (former) perfectionist myself. Somedays my perfectionist tendencies still come on strong, but then I remind myself that no one likes a perfect person anyway 😉

But I also know you can’t figure stuff out + make it great without taking action.

And perfection does not equal action. And no action means no profits and no income and no growth.

Seriously though, if you’re struggling with any of these than perfection might be getting in the way of you growing a profitable business from your passions:

– You get amazing ideas but you can’t execute them (and then you’re frustrated because others do it before you!)

– You find it easy to tell other people what to do to change their lives but you’re still feeling like nothing has changed for you

– You overthink EVERYTHING — in fact you can’t get started

– You constantly critique the work of others (but only because you’re secretly jealous that they’re growing their businesses more quickly)

– You keep signing up for “just one more course!” so that you can learn just “one more thing” before you put yourself out there.

If any of the above are familiar to you, then I challenge you to take one action to move yourself out of your comfort zone this week (probably that thing that is buried at the bottom of your to-do list!). Let me know what it’s going to be in the comments below.

The truth is if you can’t start taking action despite wanting thing to be just right, it’s really going to have a negative effect on your business.

-You won’t be able to sign on clients because you won’t feel ready for them so things won’t improve for them either.

-You won’t be able to create blogs or create amazing opt-ins that can help people because you’ll keep worrying that your content isn’t good enough.

– You won’t be able to make money in your business because if you can’t commit to create one thing + sell it, you won’t have any sales
IT’S YOUR TIME to get over this perfection thing!!!

P.S. If you need some extra support, reach out to me!! I want you to have a thriving, profitable business even if it means it’s not quite perfect!




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