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Join my community and get access to my goal setting guide so you can easily increase the impact + income of your business


“I’d highly recommend Nicole for her ability to guide to where you need to be, no matter how big or small that may be.”
In the six months of the mastermind, I broke through more barriers in my business than I ever believed possible. With Nicole’s guidance, structure and expertise as well as the support of the group, I was able to completely structure not just my business but my overall goals for the life I wanted to create. I had some systems in place that I overhauled thanks to the mastermind. I stopped thinking small and challenged myself to think bigger picture, for the business and life that I wanted in the future. I set actual goals for myself, realistic and stretch goals, and am proud to say that I am making those stretch goals consistently. Nicole will ask you the hard questions, she might challenge you, she might tell you something isn’t working and that’s what I love about her.

Leslie Jay

“In the first month, I doubled my income and signed on 5 new clients.
I launched a new business just a few months before I joined her mastermind. I knew I had a good idea, but I was stuck. I wondered if I’d ever be able to grow my business like I’d seen successful women entrepreneurs do before. I was attracted to Nicole’s mastermind because of her focus on building a bigger business without working 40+ hours a week and doing it with a network of fellow women entrepreneurs. And I started building a bigger business immediately after starting the mastermind. In the first month, I doubled my income and signed on 5 new clients. 

A few months in, my income had almost tripled and I signed on 8 new clients for 3-6 month long contracts. My email list has doubled and after 4 months, I’m almost booked out!
Rachel Schroath


“I would not have been able to push my limits without Nicole’s words of encouragement, strategic planning and no nonsense approach.”
I started with Nicole at the very beginning of my business and she has been with me every step of the way. Through working with her, I was able to come to terms with charging my full fee and sticking with it. I went from having a few clients paying me way below my worth to tripling the number of clients I have who pay my full fees and now feeling excited about what’s next. I was able to conquer my hesitations and build my confidence as a visible expert in the community although this was something that I thought that I could just skip.

That level of confidence and empowerment that I’ve built up working with Nicole has allowed me to face and tackle whatever was making me feel incompetent and helped me to get into a boss mindset by eliminating and restructuring wasted energy that was causing overwhelm in my business. Nicole also has a way of getting to what was really holding me back, and I started to become aware of how the moves I was making were keeping me small and invisible. Through that conversation, I was able to leave my part-time job and focus more exclusively on my business. In the Mastermind, Nicole will help you strategize, think bigger for your business, and most importantly won’t let you get in your own way. Moreover, the group support is valuable as I realized that the fears that I had were not just limited to my experience and I have made some amazing connections with the other women!

Andrea Nyerges

“I feel so lucky to have Nicole on my side.
I’ve watched Nicole grow her business into a multiple 6 figure business and I knew I could do it, too. The work I did with her in her programs helped me structure my goals and work differently, batch, and FOCUS so now I’m hitting 6 figures in my business too. I’m forever grateful for Nicole and her generosity.

Desha Peacock

“I’ve more than doubled my blog traffic, grown my subscriber list more than 200% and created structures to help me plan and track my business goals.”
I was anxious about spending money on my business. Was it the right time? Was my business legitimate enough to spend money on? However, having being that I took one of her other courses got results from it and feeling more clear on my goals, I trusted Nicole.

The accountability and support were incredibly helpful. When I was holding off on taking action on something because I was intimidated, Nicole was great about reinforcing that it was really not hard at all and to just do it. The instagram videos I was so afraid to start posting have become some of my most popular content and I have tons of fun making them!

Nicole is amazing at giving actionable, honest feedback and is incredibly responsive. She’s very organized and detail-oriented. Be prepared to work and put in time and energy. Nicole is great at guiding you as you learn to do things yourself, and that’s what I found so valuable! She helped me develop skills I can continue to use in the future.

I would absolutely recommend Nicole and her services to other entrepreneurs (especially aspiring entrepreneurs) looking to get clear and grow their business.

Jessica Cording, M.S., R.D., CDN

Registered Dietitian, Health Coach, Writer

“Nicole’s program has been one of the best + most effective business courses that I’ve ever done.”
There was no fluff and the tasks were straight to the point and allowed me to take action on the activities that would allow me to get bigger results — which I did. And you know what else? It was actually FUN to participate in it and I was excited to get the new video content every day.”

Teresa Mazzella

“Working with Nicole, I was finally able to take action, gain some momentum, and move forward in my business.”
Nicole helped me to clarify my business goals, and I was able to finally cross off so many of the things that were lingering on my “to-do” list for far too long. While Nicole provided great feedback and guidance, she also listened to my own ideas and concerns and encouraged me to move past my comfort zone. However, she did so in a way that allowed me to feel aligned and authentic regarding my business. I’m grateful for Nicole’s help!

Niketa Joshi

“Nicole helped me get on my feet in my business and really get myself started”
I began working with Nicole on a 1-month intensive, and I really enjoyed getting started with a bang – making huge amounts of progress and taking lots of forward steps. It is truly wonderful to have someone to talk with specifically about the challenges/issues I am facing in my business – both on the live calls and via email between sessions. 1-1 coaching is a great investment and Nicole is both supportive and challenging in the right mix – always encouraging, but also willing to ask the questions you need to make you think. Since then, I have gained my first creative coaching clients, been commissioned to make amazing soulful and intentional artwork for international clients, and launched my first online group courses. I have been published by the Huffington Post and Tiny Buddha. And I’ve recently begun writing my long-awaited first book, all while working on a body of artwork for sale as original artworks and fine art prints. Nicole helped me get on my feet in my business and really get myself started. I think she is a great fit for women who are ready to take action in their lives, who want to be successful and who want to be the boss of their lives and destinies!

Katherine Parrott


“Nicole Liloia is a constant source of support and inspiration in my life.”
Nicole Liloia is a constant source of support and inspiration in my life. She’s a kind, compassionate (and also, totally down-to-earth) soul with a keen ability to see what’s working and what’s not – even when I don’t want to admit it. Before working with Nicole, I was a total stress-ball who was constantly jumping around from task to task and idea to idea and never felt like I was really moving in my life or my business. And then Nicole came along – and boy, did all of that change! Nicole knows exactly how to hold her clients accountable in the most loving way, and she’s always full of actionable, original ideas – in every area from relationships to business.  Nowadays, I’m not only a much less stressed human (Nicole’s helped me implement everything from a regular work schedule to daily intentions that keep me on track), but also a more productive and grateful one, too. Everybody needs a coach like Nicole on their team!

Erica Lee Strauss

Copywriter at

“Working with Nicole in her masterminds has provided me with the support and focus that I needed to get my business off the ground quickly.”
With her guidance I was able to quickly get clients when I launched my business and I have grown my new Facebook group to over 1500 members so far! She is always there when I felt frustrated or overwhelmed and helped me get back on track when I get distracted by all the things I want to so I can stay focused on what will help me make a profit. Thank you for all you’ve done Nicole!

Tessa Armstrong

“When it came to getting serious in my business, Nicole made all the difference.”
When it came to getting serious in my business, Nicole made all the difference. In the first six months we worked together, she helped me find the clarity and courage I had been craving. She takes a genuine interest in the progress and success of her clients — I always know that I have a mentor, cheerleader and friend in my corner. No doubt that Nicole the supportive, genuine accountability partner every gal needs to get serious and get things done. I can’t imagine working with anyone else.

Callie Gisler ~

Public Relations and Digital Strategist

“Nicole has let me keep my passion for my business alive as I make steps in the right direction”
Working with Nicole has caused a HUGE positive shift in my business and life. I’ve worked with other coaches before, but Nicole is the only one who’s consistently given me practical advice and tips I can implement and that work.  I started working with Nicole to minimize the life stressors that were keeping me from focusing on moving forward in my business. However, I came back to her for help getting unstuck in my business and it’s been worth every minute. I love how she helps me get out of my own head and put my ideas into action. Other coaches made me feel like I had to try ideas that just weren’t me. Nicole has let me keep my passion for my business alive as I make steps in the right direction. You need her in your life!

Catherine Basu ~

“I am so grateful to have her a resource in my practice.”
I understand the importance of stress management and finding happiness in everyday life after 10 years working with eating disorders and disordered eating. Nicole is my go to whenever I have someone who needs extra help in this area. She is an amazing listener, has a deep passion for helping people live happier lives, and always provides smart, easy, and manageable tips to help people improve their lives. I am so grateful to have her a resource in my practice.

Karen Diaz ~



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