I launched a new business just a few months before the Expand + Empower Mastermind.  I’d moved from freelance writing to having my own business with set services and I was making just enough money to feel validated, but not nearly what I wanted to make.  

I knew I had a good idea, I was one of the first to offer content repurposing services to busy entrepreneurs and when I did reach people, I got great feedback. But I was stuck. I would reach almost exactly the same income level each month, but never surpass it. I wondered if I’d ever be able to grow my business like I’d seen successful women entrepreneurs do before. I would run around trying to figure out what I was missing reading countless blogs, but nothing really clicked. It was no fun sticking around in that early stage of hustle with little results.

I was attracted to Nicole’s mastermind because of her focus on building a bigger business without working 40+ hours a week and doing it with a network of fellow women entrepreneurs.

And I started building a bigger business immediately after starting the mastermind.

In the first month, I doubled my income and signed on 5 new clients.

By the end of the mastermind, my income had almost tripled and I signed on 8 new clients for 3-6 month long contracts.

Nicole took my unpredictable freelance blogging business and helped me turn it into something much bigger. Now I know how much income I can expect each month and what I need to do if I want to build on that. I have solid processes for attracting and selling new clients so I don’t worry about where my next client is coming from.

I get leads in my inbox every week and it feels completely organic. My email list has doubled and after 4 months, I’m almost booked out!

The biggest thing for me during the mastermind was Nicole’s strategy. She taught me how to put strategy behind every business to-do in order to see bigger, better results. I completely changed how I worked my email list, engaged on social media, and onboarded new clients.

In each call with Nicole, I had a full page of things I could implement in my business. She helped me get on track with processes and systems to run my business efficiently and the strategy I need to keep clients coming in until I’m booked. Best of all, our calls were customized to whatever I wanted help with.

There were things I did in my business like goal-setting, communicating with clients, marketing, and social media that I thought I had down, but after this mastermind I learned how to do them so much more effectively and in ways that made a huge difference to my business.

Because of the Expand + Empower Mastermind, my business has grown so much faster than I would have been able to on my own. I mean, I basically tripled my income in 4 months!

I feel so much more confident about my business and my ability to reach my goals. I kind of knew what I doing before, but now I know exactly what I need to do to keep clients coming in and keep my income growing. In such a short amount of time, I reached my goal income and made leaps and bounds saving up to buy a new car in cash.

I’m excited to keep to growing the smart way and serve more clients than before with new repurposing packages that I love. I would totally recommend Nicole and her mastermind to entrepreneurs who want more for their business and want customized support to grow. I can’t say enough about Nicole and our fantastic group of women. Thank you!

Rachel Schroath


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