Social Boss

You’re a free spirit but you don’t feel like you’re living a free spirited life.

You’re bored by your everyday life and you’re ready to make a change.

You dream about being about feeling inspired daily and you want friends who push you (in a good way) and who love spontaneous plans as much as you do.

You’re ready to break free from your laptop and create your Instagram-worthylife.


Social Boss

Social Boss is a 90 day 1:1 personalized coaching program that will help you to create your ideal lifestyle so you can live your life on your own terms.  It’s time for you to stop playing small and have a greater sense of control in all areas of your life (from your finances to your crappy ex to your cluttered apartment).

The results:

  • you and your new BFF plan a vacation to Costa Rica (sorry, Winter, you’re skipping out!)
  • you actually enjoy waking up in the morning because  you have a day full of activities that excite you (no more putting everyone else first)
  • watching Netflix on repeat no longer holds your interest because you have a hot yoga class that you need to get to
  • you cut out the energy draining drama addicts from your life and turn your focus to discovering that holy crap, you’re good at snowboarding
  • you’re the first to jump out of the plane (skydiving style) because you know that getting out of your comfort zone brings great rewards

Don’t let fear hold you back from greatness.

3 payments of $897 (value $3700)

 How this works:

  1. Click the “Get started” button above to fill out a quick info form.
  2. We’ll get on the phone for a Clarity Call to get clear on your goals for the program.
  3. If we’re the perfect match, you’ll enroll and pay for the program.
  4. We’ll schedule the first session and you’ll start living your best life now.

What you get:

  • A pre-work playbook that will give you a jumpstart on creating your ideal lifestyle
  • 1 initial 90 minute Deep Dive coaching session
  • 8 60 minute coaching sessions
  • E-mail check-in between sessions for accountability and gentle nudges forward
  • Access to my yearlong Live More E-Course

Be the boss of your life.



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