So the laptop lifestyle isn’t all glamorous shots on the beach with my laptop (way too much sand gets caught in the keys!), although we often think about it like that when we’re planning our trip.

There are some ups and downs to choosing to have a workcation (versus a vacation).  I’ve been on “vacation” the past couple of days in gorgeous hotel in Playa del Carmen and it’s been such a nice treat to myself.  If you’re workcationing, you want to make sure you take some time tor self-care and fun too.

Here’s some photos from the vacation part of my “workcation”

I’m going to give myself a few more hours to enjoy this pool area (and I’m planning a longer blog that will give you more of the hard truths about the laptop lifestyle) but in the meantime check out this quick video I made with some tips for surviving the laptop lifestyle!

CLICK HERE to check it out!


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