Want a look behind the scenes into the exact tools I use to run my group coaching programs? You don’t need to be wasting your time researching and getting stuck in the admin piece. I want you to be able to serve your clients the best you can and the more time and energy you spend with them instead of on admin, the better results you’ll see.

Take advantage of all these tools and use them to create great systems and processes for your group coaching program.

Aren’t you ready to effortlessly run your business?

1. Get Organized with Asana

First things first, get organized behind the scenes with a project management tools like Asana, Basecamp, or Trello. You can document the processes you have to get things running smoothly. I use Asana because I love lists but check them all out and figure out which one works best for you!


2. Make Google Drive Your BFF

You’re going to want to keep track of things and share paperwork with your clients — nearly everyone has a Google account already, Google Drive makes it really easy to . I use it to keep track of all the documentation for my masterminds. When I run masterclasses, I have all the recordings in Google Drive. Everything’s on a master document in Google Drive. It’s easy for my clients to find and I know right where everything is.


3. Share Google Docs

Google Docs is amazing. I create a mastermind tracker form for each member to track their goals and numbers. With Google Docs, we both get access to the document and can both see what progress they’re making. It doesn’t matter if people have a Mac or PC because you’re just using Google. It’s so much more simple than using Word. You can leave comments on the side and leave edits for things. It’s so helpful.


4. Host Calls with Zoom or Uberconference

You’re going to need to host group calls during your program. If you want just conference calls, I recommend Uberconference. It includes international access which is so nice for your clients around the world. It’s just very easy to use. If you want face-to-face, I highly recommend Zoom. Skype can have connection issues, so Zoom is the way to go. I do our masterclasses on Zoom where our expert comes on and uses screen sharing for their presentation — we’re able to interact with the participants via video or chat and it’s really easy to record the presentations.  

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5. Build up an audience with ClickFunnels

If you’re in the middle of running a program, you want to have a waitlist for your next round. By using ClickFunnels, I created a landing page and had a waitlist of 60 people (click here to get on the waitlist for my next mastermind). ClickFunnels is awesome because you can also build sales pages in there and send order forms for payment. There is so much that you can do with this one tool — CLICK HERE to get a free 2 week trial and check it out for yourself!


6. Talk Money with Stripe

I use ClickFunnels’ order forms and it connects to Stripe. You can set up order forms for a one-time payment or monthly payment plan. You want it to be so easy that you just get payments each month without having to send out all the invoices yourself. Set up the automatic payments so you’re not stuck wasting time.


7. Build Community with Facebook

I use private Facebook Groups as a bonus community for my programs. It gives them a space to share with each other and ask questions. People learn from other people’s questions, so I encourage people to post in the group instead of through email. You want to make sure that everybody is helping everybody in your program.


8. Make E-mail Effortless

I recommend that you email as little as possible because it’s easy for the members to get overwhelmed, but when you do make sure you are using the right system. I like ConvertKit where you can tag all your program subscribers so they can get all the information they need. Click here to get 1 month free when you sign up for Convertkit.


9. Increase Engagement with Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a way to increase engagement in your group by checking in with people, holding office hour, and answering their questions. My members love when I do this. I’m a better talker than I am a writer, so I’m able to work better this way too. It’s a great way to get in there really quick and say something.


10. Stay on Top of Everything with EClincher

When you have a group program where you’re helping your audience achieve a goal over a certain amount of time, it’s important to stay consistent. I use EClincher to post in my Facebook group every Monday to have my members share their goals and the action steps they’re taking to achieve them. Then, every Thursday, I ask what their wins are this week and how they’re doing. Take advantage of automatic posting like this to make things so much easier on yourself.


11. Save Time with Loom

This is one of my very favorite ways to support my clients. Loom is a chrome extension that allows you to record your screen and you can even choose show your face as well. It makes it so easy to review your client’s work and create a quick video on it. It’s one little icon on my browser that I click record on and I can share immediately with my clients. This has really increased the value I can provide them.


So there you have it — these are some of best ways to make running a group program effortless!!

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