I remember when I was in the “struggle” phase of my business.

It felt like I was spending all day “trying” to get clients — posting in a million Facebook groups, offering free sessions, constantly trying to get visible (even though I hated being visible!).

It was definitely feeling like a lot of HARD work without much of a payoff — especially because I was never sure what my income was going to look like that month (or the following months!).

But then I got a little bit more biz savvy.

And I realized that I needed to have some extra income streams. That I didn’t want to have to rely on my ability to sell 1:1 coaching packages each month.

Besides that once I sold a package (and believe me it used to take me a LOT of time to sell 1 coaching package), I then had to provide the services and that could require a lot of energy so I was limited in how many packages I could sell.

Honestly, if you are reliant on one income stream and it requires you to trade dollars for hours you will hit a growth ceiling.

It makes sense to set up passive income streams so that you still have money coming in, even when your internet sucks or you can’t work with clients 1:1, and one of my favorite ways to do that is as an affiliate (click here to learn more about how I upgraded my business and life this way).

Here’s the thing though. I almost missed out on this profitable passive income stream because I had a negative mindset about affiliate income. Affiliate income has a bad reputation, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

A lot of people think affiliate income means that you’re tricking people into buying other products and not telling them that you’re getting money for it.  But the truth is that if your business is focused on helping people have better + happier lives, it can be a natural part of your process that helps your customers + clients.

Yes, it helps them.

Let me explain further — If a client is struggling with a problem and needs a solution but it falls outside of your area of expertise, you can still make recommendations for other products or services that would help them with this issue. needs a service or product you don’t have, send them somewhere that does. You’ll help your client, and if you’re an affiliate for that product or service, you’ll still make money. Of course you need to make your recommendation based on how amazing the product or service is and NOT on whether or not there is an affiliate payout.

Say a client reaches out and asks how you run your webinars. Telling them what you use, even if you’re an affiliate (and of course make sure to disclose that you are an affiliate!). It isn’t “salesy” or “scammy,” it helps them!

And, in most cases, they are happy + grateful to use your affiliate links.

This is something you can do once you change your mindset and understand that making money as an affiliate for products and services you would recommend anyway is just good biz savvy.

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